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Business philosophy: To produce products satisfying customers, to create a win-win situation

Enterprise management: To make scientific management, to be people-oriented

The company pays attention to cultivating the high-quality staff team, sets up the good enterprise image, attaches importance to the harmonious labor relations in enterprise management, and “people-oriented. The company has created a good mechanism for various kinds of talents to give full play to their talents. Through the forms of keeping talents with business, mechanism and emotion, we respect knowledge and talents, and insist on taking it as the foothold of all the work of the enterprise to discover, cultivate and use talents. The company’s labor union is responsible for conducting cultural construction, strengthening staff training, setting up staff activity venues, and carrying out various forms of staff leisure activities in a planned way, so that employees can work honestly, try to make innovation, get along with each other harmoniously, and form a united, enterprising and positive enterprise atmosphere. 



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