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New three-chamber full-frequency intelligent stacked pressure water supply equipment

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The new three-chamber full-frequency remote intelligent stacked pressure water supply equipment realizes a multi-cavity voltage stabilization and compensation device, so that the pressure in the ultra-high pressure chamber and the pressure in the high-pressure chamber are always complementary. Through the frequency conversion energy storage pump, the set pressure is supplemented to the ultra-high pressure chamber from time to time. When the user uses water, the pressure stored in the ultra-high pressure chamber passes through the pressure-reducing mechanism and is then replenished into the high-pressure chamber. The pressure in the high-pressure chamber is constantly regulated and compensated according to the user's water consumption, so that the user's water can truly achieve the effect of constant pressure and energy saving.


1. The surface treatment of the equipment adopts the sandblasting baking paint treatment process. The treated surface is smooth and smooth. It also has the advantages of hard wear resistance and good aging resistance.


2. Equipped with constant pressure chamber, high pressure chamber and ultra high pressure chamber, which is intuitive and easy to maintain. It has steady flow compensation and small flow holding pressure, which can really achieve the effect of constant pressure and energy saving.


3. Low-flow energy-saving measures: when water consumption is low. Use small water pump frequency conversion, ultra-high pressure chamber, high-pressure chamber for water supply. It can reduce the number of times the large water pump is started. Realize equipment energy-saving measures


4. Variable frequency conversion: The electric control system detects the flow and pressure changes. The most unfavorable point is used as the benchmark. The multi-point reasonable calculation is adopted. The flow and pressure are kept constant. The water supply is stable.



1. Domestic water for high-rise buildings, residential quarters, and other walls;


2. Daily water consumption in enterprises, institutions, offices, schools, gymnasiums, golf courses, airports and other places;


3. Production water for manufacturing, food industry, factories, industrial and mining;


4. Sprinkler irrigation stations in large squares, park green spaces and farms.




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