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Outdoor integrated water supply equipment

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1. Domestic water for high-rise buildings, residential quarters, and Beili;

2. Daily water use in corporate units, hotels, office buildings, department stores, large saunas, hospitals, schools, sports, gyms, golf courses, airports, etc;

3. Production water for manufacturing, washing equipment, food industry, factories, industrial and mining;

4. Various circulation systems. Intermediate pressurization pump station of waterworks;

5. Renovation of old water supply and other forms of water supply.





1. High water supply quality: The frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment adopts the constant pressure control of the pump outlet. No matter how the water consumption of the system changes, the outlet pressure of the pipeline can be maintained.


2. Reliable operation: The frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment adopts imported frequency conversion speed regulator and domestic excellent water pump, with perfect protection function and automatic and manual conversion function. It makes the operation very reliable.


3. High efficiency and energy saving: The frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment can adjust the speed of the water pump according to the change of the user's water consumption. The pump always works in the high efficiency area, and the power saving effect is obvious.


4. Simple operation: The frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment adopts full automatic control, and the operator only needs to switch the switch of the electric control cabinet.


5. Less space and convenient installation: The whole equipment only recruits a group of control cabinets and human pump units, which is simple and convenient to install.


6. Application range of frequency conversion speed regulation water supply equipment: available flow rate 5-5000 hours. Head 20-400 meters.


7. Extend the service life of pumps and motors: Reliable soft start can be achieved for multiple pump sets. And it takes turns running. It greatly extends the service life of pumps and motors.


8. Significant economic benefits: The use of this equipment eliminates the need for a rooftop water tank, which not only reduces the cost of the building, but also overcomes the large fluctuations in the pressure tank. The pumps start frequently and the one-time investment in constructing the water tower is large. The construction period is long. High costs and other disadvantages.

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