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Ultra-quiet tube pump

Product Category:
Secondary pressurized water supply equipment
Caliber range:
Stainless steel DN50 ~ DN500
Flow range:
1 cubic meter ~ 1000 cubic meters
Head range:
1 meter to 300 meters
Power range:
0.37kw ~ 110kw
Operation mode:
Full frequency conversion operation
Operation method:
Manual, automatic, remote
Our advantage:

In stock, special materials can be customized, product performance is stable, service life is more than 20 years Model selection and quotation: You only need to provide the number of households in the community, the number of floors, or provide drawings to us to select and quote


The ultra-quiet pipe-in-pump group box type non-negative pressure (stack pressure) frequency conversion water supply equipment is a new high-efficiency environmental protection water supply equipment launched on the basis of the ordinary box type non-negative pressure water supply equipment. In addition to all the functional characteristics of ordinary box-type non-negative pressure water supply equipment, it also shows the design concept of "environmental protection and sanitation. Low voice, not disturbing the people". The control part of the equipment adopts the most advanced highly integrated programmable controller and advanced control concept. The motor is made of all stainless steel water-filled motor without any pollution to the water quality. Its main overflow parts are made of 304 stainless steel and other food-grade materials . The equipment structure forms a closed system. Therefore, there is no noise in operation. Water pollution.



1. Ultra-low mute advantage: The device has advanced anti-vibration and noise reduction functions. The ultra-quiet operation is normal, without noise pollution such as water hammer and motor operation. The sound is controlled within 20 decibels. The entire equipment fully complies with GB3096-1993 "Standard for Environmental Voice in Urban Areas".


2. Investment saving: The equipment does not require water storage facilities such as pools and water tanks. It also eliminates the need for special pump rooms. It saves floor space and reduces construction costs.


3. The structure of the equipment is compact: it occupies a small area, has beautiful appearance, high grade and long service life.


4. High efficiency and energy saving: the equipment can be directly connected with the tap water pipe network, making full use of the pressure of the municipal water supply official website. On the basis of it, how much difference is compensated. That is, the equipment only compensates the difference between the tap water inlet pressure and the required pressure When the tap water pressure meets the requirements, the equipment will stop working. All are directly supplied by the municipal pressure. Compared with ordinary water supply equipment, it can save electricity by 30% -90%,


5. High degree of intelligence: The equipment uses an international advanced computer system to sense. Conduct pressure signals to ensure accuracy and full automatic intelligent control. It has manual / automatic switching, timing rotation of main and auxiliary pumps, pressure adjustment, Constant voltage, high and low voltage protection, phase loss protection, leakage protection, overload protection, overheat protection, water and pressure loss protection, water leakage detection compensation, no water shutdown, instantaneous trip protection and other functions. Equipped with RS485 bus interface can realize visual remote adjustment , Monitoring and maintenance.

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