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Integrated underground prefabricated sewage lifting pump station

Product Category:
Sewage treatment equipment
Caliber range:
Stainless steel DN50 ~ DN500
Flow range:
1 cubic meter ~ 1000 cubic meters
Head range:
1 meter to 300 meters
Power range:
0.37kw ~ 110kw
Operation mode:
Full frequency conversion operation
Operation method:
Manual, automatic, remote
Our advantage:

In stock, special materials can be customized, product performance is stable, service life is more than 20 years Model selection and quotation: You only need to provide the number of households in the community, the number of floors, or provide drawings to us to select and quote


With the development of China's economy, land has now become a constraint factor for China's economic development. Now the utilization rate of underground construction space is getting higher and higher, such as: underground shopping malls, subways, underground parking lots, basement of Biry district, etc. The original underground sewage storage and discharge facilities not only have outdated technology, high failure rate, and difficult maintenance. They are also regularly cleaned. The odors emitted by sewage and sewage seriously pollute the surrounding environment. The injuries caused by maintenance personnel also occur from time to time. Therefore, the original facilities can no longer meet the requirements of modern life and business activities. On the basis of the original SHWS (F) series integrated sewage lifting device, our company has launched a new generation of large-scale prefabricated pumping stations to make up for the intestinal problems of sewage delivery after SHWS (F) parallel connection. The prefabricated pumping station follows the advantages of the original sewage lifting device "filtering" and "backwashing", and at the same time realizes the sewage lifting and discharging function. The promotion of the SHWS (YZ) series of pre-created pumping stations. In addition to effectively satisfying the function of sewage transportation. In the selection of transportation equipment, we should focus on how to avoid clogging of the equipment, clean up, and how to remotely prevent the emission of odor and odor. The surrounding environment; in addition, the biggest feature is the saving of investment, the small area, the project period is greatly shortened, the appearance is beautiful and neat: fully automatic operation, can realize fault alarm, remote monitoring function. The operation is more safe and reliable:


SHWS (YZ) series prefabricated pumping stations are used to collect and discharge sewage and wastewater in residential quarters, schools, military barracks and other public places. They are mainly installed outdoors and underground, and are also used indoors. There are many options for the diameter of the cylinder (φ1200, φ1600, φ2000, φ3000, φ3800), the flow range is 25US3-1350USo and the multi-cylinder scheme can be used when it is larger.


The power supply frequency is 50Hz, the three-phase alternating current is 380V, and the debris (including flexible debris and solid particles) in the sewage must be able to flow by itself in the pipeline. Sewage temperature does not exceed 40 ℃, PH value is 4-10, the improvement of ordinary domestic sewage and wastewater. For new buildings, construction waste must be removed from the sewage pipeline before use. For oily sewage in restaurants and kitchens and hair water in baths, it must be treated with oil and hair removal before use.



1. Very little land occupation: The prefabricated pumping station is buried underground and integrated with the surrounding environment. There is no civil construction of the pumping station on the ground and no land occupation index. The buried structure makes it beautiful and elegant, and the environment is beautiful.


2. Integrated products: Whether you require dry or wet pump pits or a combination of the two, we can accurately prefabricate such pumping stations. The pumping station is transported as a billetized unit, including the barrel system, water pump system, grid system, piping system, valve system, control system and other components.


3. Solid and durable: The equipment cylinder is made of alkali-free glass fiber reinforced plastic, and is combined with 901 resin winding. Its strength is equivalent to twice that of traditional laminated glass fiber reinforced plastic. The circumferential tensile strength is greater than 300Mpa, and the axial tension The strength is greater than 80Mpa, and the compression strength is greater than 200Mpa, which can completely resist corrosion, tearing and other destructive forces, and ensure permanent waterproof and durable.


4. Short construction period: The prefabricated pumping station is supplied as a complete set. The assembly and testing of each system are completed in the factory. The time required for installation and commissioning after delivery to the site is greatly reduced. In addition, the workload of civil engineering is only 1/10 of the traditional pumping station, which greatly shortens the construction period of the whole project.


5. High efficiency, environmental protection and cost saving: The prefabricated pumping station uses CFD flow field analysis to ensure that the system is in high efficiency. Operation, plus a dedicated automatic control system to ensure that the pump can automatically adjust according to system requirements, ensure automatic and efficient operation to save operating costs. In addition, compared with the traditional pump station structure, the investment in the pump station saves nearly 25%. And it covers a small area.


6. Fully automatic control: A float switch (standard) input type liquid level transmitter or an ultrasonic liquid level gauge and other sensors are used to detect the liquid level, and the start and stop of the water pump are automatically controlled. Overload, short circuit and other protection functions are complete, which can effectively reduce the damage rate of the equipment. Other optional functions can be added according to customer needs. For example: equipped with a full Chinese man-machine interface. Dynamic display of the operating status and funding information of each device; establishment of wireless Wifi signal reception, monitoring of the device with mobile terminals (mobile phones or tablets) Operation, failure and other states (when controlled by mobile terminal. It must be equipped with a man-machine interface); use remote monitoring software to remotely monitor the operating state of the device from the computer and collect and manage the data.


7. Convenient installation and maintenance: the prefabricated pumping station is installed as a whole; the equipment in the pumping station, such as pumps and grids, need not be entered into the simplified version for maintenance. It is directly hung from the top and hanged out; the internal piping system is provided with an inspection platform in the pumping station And climbing stairs.


8. Long service life: the inner wall of the cylinder is smooth, long-term use does not hang dirty, no maintenance, water pump system, grid system, pipeline system are made of anti-corrosion materials. Long service life.




1. High-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic: the entire cylinder body is controlled by the computer; the cylinder structure: anti-corrosion layer, anti-seepage layer, reinforcement layer and external aging anti-aging layer; extremely strong anti-corrosion, anti-permeation and anti-aging properties. The user's various extreme working conditions. The life span is more than 50 years.


2. Grille system: basket lifting grille; low cost. Easy to use; optimized design based on flow rate. Reduced manual cleaning frequency; side door opening design. Convenient dirt cleaning; all stainless steel material. Corrosion resistant. Durable; guide rails. Lifting Convenient crushing grill; special motor. IP68 protection level, can be continuous for 24 hours on water and under water; operation, a variety of power options; planetary gear deceleration. Strong load disturbance impact capacity; blade adopts heat-treated alloy steel. The surface is evenly hardened. Hardness is not less than 45-50HRC The overall shell is made of ductile iron or stainless steel. The grille motor can be reversed. When there is debris, it can automatically eliminate the fault.


3. Toxic gas detection and exhaust system: the body is equipped with a toxic gas detection module; the top of the cylinder is equipped with an axial fan; when there is a toxic gas detected by each gas detection module to the simplified Chinese. The flow fan starts to exhaust and supply air .Ensure a healthy air environment inside the cylinder


4. Sewage pump: large channel impeller, high debris passing rate, not easy to block; equipped with water-cooled jacket, low water level for starting and stopping pumps, reducing debris deposition, jet mixing function, bottom debris is not easy to gather, can be configured with shredding function . To achieve the purpose of canceling the crushing grid; the maximum number of starts per hour is 20 times


5. Finite element analysis: finite element analysis of the cylinder, analyze the stress and strain analysis of the cylinder under 30 years of soil pressure, and guide the production of the cylinder under this report: CFD flow field analysis on the cylinder The hydraulic analysis is carried out inside the body to analyze the velocity distribution, pressure distribution and flow field distribution of the water flow in the flow field, and the shape of the pump and the bottom pit at the bottom of the barrel are reasonably arranged. Increase the vortex generated during the pumping process, make the bottom of the pit have a self-cleaning function, prevent the silt from accumulating at the bottom of the pit, and effectively suppress the generation of toxic and malodorous gases. Protect the environment.


6. Pump patrol inspection and self-cleaning control module: a patrol control module can be installed in the control cabinet. When the pump is not running for a long time, the pump can be started to run for a short time to ensure the normal operation of the submersible pump. Through this module, the water pump can bypass the main control system and run directly to lower the liquid level until the water pump cannot suck in sewage. The controlled turbulence generated by the water pump sucks the particles deposited on the bottom together with scum into the pump and discharges it. The frequency of this action is adjustable





1. Input type liquid level gauge: good stability, high accuracy, directly put into the measured medium, very convenient to install and use, solid structure, no moving parts, high reliability, long service life, water, oil and viscosity are relatively large The paste can be measured with high precision, and is not affected by the foaming, deposition, and electrical characteristics of the measured medium


2. Intelligent control cabinet: outdoor double door control cabinet rotation control, remote control, unattended data collection and recording function, anti-theft function, lightning protection


3. Float switch: engineering plastic shell, high mechanical strength, good sealing cable is made of special materials, excellent resistance to oil, acid, alkali and corrosion resistance, easy installation and convenient debugging


4. Customized structure, designed on demand: pre-installed in the factory is completed, only need to be hoisted at the user site. Multiple cylinders can be customized in series and parallel connection to shorten the construction period, equipped with trash grille, gate, etc. to make the pump station more functional perfect.


5. Simple deodorization device: an activated carbon adsorption device is installed inside the ventilation pipe, which effectively removes the deodorization device of the activated carbon of the pump station and can be easily replaced.



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