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No negative pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment

Product Category:
Secondary pressurized water supply equipment
Caliber range:
Stainless steel DN50 ~ DN500
Flow range:
1 cubic meter ~ 1000 cubic meters
Head range:
1 meter to 300 meters
Power range:
0.37kw ~ 110kw
Operation mode:
Full frequency conversion operation
Operation method:
Manual, automatic, remote
Our advantage:

In stock, special materials can be customized, product performance is stable, service life is more than 20 years Model selection and quotation: You only need to provide the number of households in the community, the number of floors, or provide drawings to us to select and quote




1、Residential water for high-rise buildings, residential quarters, and other walls;

2、Daily water use in enterprises, institutions, offices, schools, gymnasiums, golf courses, airports and other places;

3、Production water for manufacturing, food industry, factories, industrial and mining;

4、Sprinkler irrigation stations in large squares, park green spaces and farms.



1、Save investment: save about 50% of investment. No need to build a storage tank or roof water tank, use stacked pressure water supply, reduce the initial investment of equipment

2、Environmental protection and sanitation: The equipment is fully enclosed and can eliminate secondary water pollution.

3、Small footprint and convenient installation: The whole set of equipment has only one set of water supply control cabinet, no negative pressure steady flow tank and water pump unit.

4、Complete protection function: It has good automatic protection functions such as overload, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, overcurrent, short circuit, water shortage and so on. Under abnormal conditions, it can carry out signal alarm, self-check and fault judgment.

5、Service life: Reliable soft start can be achieved for multiple pump sets, so that the power grid and pipe network are free of impact, and they take turns, which greatly extends the service life of the pump and motor. Equipment life can be extended by more than 3 times.

6、Continuous power outage: When the power supply line is out of power. The system uses 747D and bypass to achieve non-stop water outage, that is, the system automatically switches to municipal tap water supply during power outage.

7、High efficiency and energy saving, low operating cost: can fully utilize the water supply pressure of the municipal pipe network. How much difference, make up, no negative pressure, compared with traditional water supply equipment can save energy by 30% -90% blackout can also maintain the municipal pipe network water supply .

8、High degree of automation: the system realizes full automatic control, with manual / automatic switching, timing rotation of main and auxiliary pumps, pressure adjustment, constant voltage, high and low voltage protection, phase loss protection, leakage protection, overload protection, overheat protection, water shortage protection, no water use Shutdown, instantaneous trip protection and other functions. In addition, the human-machine interface can be configured according to user needs. Visual remote adjustment, monitoring and maintenance.

9、High degree of intelligence, simple operation, and manpower saving: The equipment is controlled by a fully automatic intelligent controller. It adjusts itself according to the user's water use and the tap water pressure of the pipe network to achieve unattended operation. And the use of man-machine interface (text, numbers) display. Make customers more intuitively see the operating status of the device.

Model meaning of BMK supporting control cabinet

The equipment is put into use. The water in the water pipe network enters the steady flow tank. The air in the tank is discharged from the vacuum eliminator. After the water is full, the vacuum eliminator is automatically closed. When the pressure of the water pipe network can meet the water requirements. The system directly supplies water to the water pipe network from the bypass check valve; when the pressure of the water pipe network cannot meet the water requirement, the system pressure signal is fed back to the frequency conversion controller from the remote pressure gauge. The pump runs. It is automatically adjusted according to the amount of water used Speed ​​constant pressure water supply. If the running water pump reaches the power frequency speed, start another water pump frequency conversion operation. When the water is supplied by the water pump. If the water in the water pipe network is greater than the pump flow and the system maintains normal water supply; when the water volume in the water pipe network is less than the flow of the pump at the peak of water use, the water in the steady flow tank can still be used as a supplementary water source When the air enters the steady flow path from the vacuum eliminator, the vacuum in the tank is damaged. It ensures that the water pipe network does not generate negative pressure, and after the peak of water consumption. The system returns to the normal water supply state. When the water pipe network stops water, causing the liquid level of the steady flow tank to continuously drop, the liquid level detector feeds back the number to the frequency conversion controller. The water pump automatically stops to protect the water pump unit. When the small stream f supplies water at night and the pressure of the water pipe network cannot meet the requirements. The air pressure tank can be stored and released to avoid the most frequent pump start.


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