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Intelligent frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment

Product Category:
Secondary pressurized water supply equipment
Caliber range:
Stainless steel DN50 ~ DN500
Flow range:
1 cubic meter ~ 1000 cubic meters
Head range:
1 meter to 300 meters
Power range:
0.37kw ~ 110kw
Operation mode:
Full frequency conversion operation
Operation method:
Manual, automatic, remote
Our advantage:

In stock, special materials can be customized, product performance is stable, service life is more than 20 years Model selection and quotation: You only need to provide the number of households in the community, the number of floors, or provide drawings to us to select and quote




1、Residential water for high-rise buildings, residential quarters, and other walls;

2、Daily water use in enterprises, institutions, offices, schools, gymnasiums, golf courses, airports and other places;

3、Production water for manufacturing, washing equipment, food industry, factories, industrial and mining;

4、Various circulation systems. Intermediate booster pumping stations of waterworks;

5、Transformation of old pool water supply and other forms of water supply.



1、High-quality water supply: Constant pressure water supply equipment adopts constant pressure control at the outlet of the pump. No matter how the system uses water, it can keep the pressure at the outlet of the pipeline constant.

2、Reliable operation: The frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment adopts imported frequency conversion speed regulator and domestic excellent water pump, with perfect protection function and automatic and manual conversion function. It makes the operation very reliable.

3、High efficiency and energy saving: The frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment can adjust the speed of the water pump according to the change of the user's water consumption, so that the water pump always works in the high efficiency area. The power saving effect is obvious.

4、The operation is simple: the frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment adopts full automatic control, and the operator only needs to switch the switch of the electric control cabinet.

5、Small footprint and convenient installation: The whole equipment only needs one set of control cabinet and human pump unit. The installation is simple and convenient.

6、Frequency conversion speed regulation water supply equipment application range: available for flow and 5-5000 tons / hour. Head 20-400 meters.

7、Extend the service life of pumps and motors: Soft start can be reliably achieved for multiple pumps, and they can take turns. This greatly extends the service life of pumps and motors.

8、Significant economic benefits: The use of this equipment. The roof water tank can be eliminated, which not only reduces the cost of the building, but also overcomes the shortcomings of large fluctuations in the pressure tank, frequent pump startup and large investment in the construction of the water tower.



调节水泵的转速来保持管网压力恒定,在系统出水管路检测到的压力小于水泵的启动压力值时.能够自动调节水泵转速使出口压力恒定。水泵达到工频转速运行但压力达不到设定压力时.系统按顺序启动P2, P3水泵;随普用水工的减少,出口压力上升.水泵的转速逐渐降低,如果水泵转速降至系统设置的最低转速.系统按P3, P2, P1停止水泵运行。 当管网压力大干启动压力设定值时由于出水管路连接的压力罐供水.如果管网压力等于启动压力设定值时启动水泵.水泵运行中管网压力达到停止压力时停止水泵运行水泵启动后管网压力超过启动压力.未达到停止压力时水泵继续运行;水泵全速运行后管网压力未达到启动压力时水泵追加启动。


The intelligent frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment is mainly composed of a pump unit, a pressure measuring and stabilizing taste, a pressure sensor, and a frequency conversion control cabinet. Can always maintain the pressure of the pressure gauge (i.e. user pipe network


Water pressure) is equal to the user set value. Can be used for general living or production water supply. The water supply system consists of:


1. Varying water supply equipment and municipal pipe network are connected to the constant pressure water supply. When the water supply pressure can meet the requirements, all pumps are automatically shut down. Otherwise, the constant pressure water supply equipment starts. Increase the pressure to meet the water requirements.


2. Additional small pump or air pressure Yao. In order to completely eliminate small flow or zero flow and water supply power consumption. Auxiliary small pump or auxiliary air pressure can be added. When the water supply pressure is low. The main pump is automatically shut down. The small pump or air pressure E running.


3. Customized frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment can consult China Construction Water Supply Equipment. At the same time provide pump repair and pump maintenance.


The current status of water supply plants in small and medium-sized cities in China. A set of PID frequency conversion speed regulation constant pressure automatic control water supply system based on paperless recorder is designed. The system works, and is easy to use. The pressure is stable. No impact and other advantages.


This design constant pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment is composed of paperless recorder, PID, sensor, motor and water pump. Through the paperless recorder, frequency converter, relay, and contactor to control the running state of the pump unit, the constant pressure and flow of the pipe network and the water supply requirements are realized. When the equipment is running, the pressure sensor continuously converts the water pressure signal of the pipe network into an electrical signal and sends it to the paperless recorder. After the paperless recorder is processed, the best control parameters are obtained, and the water pump unit is automatically adjusted through the inverter and relay control elements Operate efficiently.


The water supply system of the community has a great influence on the daily life of the people. The water supply system realizes the normal water supply of the community through the opening, closing and interlocking of the pumps, valves and other equipment, so as to achieve the normal life of residents and the safety of personnel and equipment. purpose.


In the past, the degree of automation of the water supply system in the community was inseparable. The electrical control part was generally controlled by traditional relays. However, the relay control circuit has many disadvantages. For example, the relay is prone to bite and damage due to long-term operation, the relay circuit wiring is complicated and difficult to maintain, the relay circuit is difficult to implement the control of the mixed logic, and the relay circuit control scheme is not easy to modify. With the development of computer technology, control technology and communication technology, more and more advanced, practical and practical programmable controllers (paperless recorders) are used in water supply systems to control and improve the reliability of equipment operation And the economics of the water supply system.


The whole control system is divided into two parts: upper computer and lower computer. The upper level is mainly composed of a PC and configuration software. The lower level is communicated by the upper level using open moddbus protocol. The paperless recorder collects the start / stop, manual / automatic running status and water level signal of the pump, and connects it through the communication network. The data is transferred to the upper computer. After the paperless recorder collects the status and operating parameters of each equipment in the water supply system, it performs interlocking, delay and adjustment calculations, and issues control instructions to the related equipment.



The equipment is put into operation, the working pump works and sends the water to the water pipe network. After the excess water enters the air pressure tank, the water chamber expands and the air chamber shrinks, and the pressure increases accordingly. When the pressure rises to the upper limit P2, the water pump runs with frequency conversion. If the speed continues for a certain time. The working pump enters the dormant state. At this time, the pressure of the compressed gas in the tank sends the stored water into the pipe network. The water chamber of the pneumatic tank shrinks and the air chamber expands, and the pressure drops accordingly. When the pressure drops to the lower limit P1. Auxiliary The working pump is working. At this time, if the pressure continues to rise to P2, the auxiliary working pump stops, and the above procedure is repeated: If the pressure cannot reach the P2 value within a certain time, the working pump starts. When a working pump cannot meet the water supply requirements , The working frequency of one working pump and the working frequency conversion of the other working pump. The standby pump is put into operation when the working pump fails.


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