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Box-type integrated pipe network stacked pressure (no negative pressure) water supply equipment


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Box-type integrated pipe network stacked pressure (no negative pressure) water supply equipment

Product Category:
Secondary pressurized water supply equipment
Caliber range:
Stainless steel DN50 ~ DN500
Flow range:
1 cubic meter ~ 1000 cubic meters
Head range:
1 meter to 300 meters
Power range:
0.37kw ~ 110kw
Operation mode:
Full frequency conversion operation
Operation method:
Manual, automatic, remote
Our advantage:

In stock, special materials can be customized, product performance is stable, service life is more than 20 years Model selection and quotation: You only need to provide the number of households in the community, the number of floors, or provide drawings to us to select and quote




1、Newly built residential quarters or office buildings and other domestic water.

2、Fire fighting water that cannot meet the pressure of low-level tap water.

3、Renovation of the original pneumatic water supply equipment can make full use of the original pneumatic tank.

4、Large water supply intermediate pressure pumping station of waterworks

5、Production and domestic water consumption of industrial and mining enterprises.

6、Various circulating water systems.


1、Integrated professional design: The structure is compact, the system is directly installed into one (such as the construction of the pump room can be reduced outdoors), the investment is small, and the installation is convenient. The appearance is beautiful.

2、Stable operation: stable operation, low vibration, low noise (noise value less than 60 dB)

3、High efficiency and energy saving: The box-type integrated pumping station utilizes the pressure of the pipe network and the automatic frequency conversion operation mode, and the energy saving effect is significantly improved (more than 40%).

4、Simple operation: convenient installation and installation, only one municipal pipe network inlet and one water supply outlet.

5、Convenient maintenance: The box-type integrated pipe network pressure-containing (no negative pressure) water supply equipment adopts PLC programmable control for automatic operation, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.

6、Significant economic benefits: an automatic inspection function can be added. Reduce property management costs.

7、Stable water supply: box-type integrated pipe network stack pressure (no negative pressure) water supply equipment system water supply is stable (even if the pipe network is temporarily cut off. It can also supply water normally through the water tank). Fully guarantee the end pressure of the system.


1、The microcomputer sets the working pressure of the feed water pump. That is, the user's water pressure. When living water is supplied, the equipment runs in the state of low-voltage frequency conversion. The frequency of the pipeline network is constantly monitored by the frequency converter. The feedback value and the set value are calculated and compared. If the network management pressure is higher than the user's required pressure (set pressure), it will automatically decrease The output frequency reduces the speed of the pump. The water output decreases. If the pressure of the pipe network is lower than the pressure required by the user (set pressure), the output frequency is automatically increased. As a result, the rotation speed of the pump is increased. The water output is increased. When one pump can not meet the needs of the user. The other pumps are automatically put in to ensure the user's pressure.

2、When the tap water, the pressure of the net rises and reaches the user's pressure, the inverter will reduce the speed after a delay until it stops. Only when the pressure drops to a certain set pressure value. The inverter pump will start working again. The work of the variable frequency pump set is only to meet the difference between the user's water pressure and the official website pressure. It greatly saves electricity.

3、When the pressure in the flow regulator is lower than one atmospheric pressure, the negative pressure eliminator installed on the top of the flow f regulator automatically opens. Let the gas enter the flow and adjust the bell. Eliminate the negative pressure. When the pressure in the flow regulator increases, the excess gas can be wandered out of the flow regulator, so that the flow can be adjusted to the inside and filled with water, so that it can be used when the water is used for the next peak. When the flow regulator is filled with water, the negative pressure eliminator installed on the top of the flow regulator automatically closes to prevent overflow.


1、The box-type integrated pipe network contains no pressure (there is no negative pressure). The water supply equipment can be directly connected in series to the water pipe network. The adjustable shut-off valve function and compensation system are used to automatically adjust the water pipe without negative pressure or maintain a certain pressure. Therefore, after using the device, it will not affect the water consumption of surrounding users. It has become "history that" secondary water supply facilities must not be directly connected to the urban water supply network; no pumps should be installed directly on the urban water supply network ".

2、Water-saving: The box-type integrated pipe network holds the pressure "No negative pressure! The water supply equipment is fully sealed. It completely prevents running, running, dripping, and leakage when there are pools and water tanks, and also saves regular cleaning of pools and water tanks. Sometimes wasted water resources.

3、Energy saving: Because it is directly connected in series with the tap water pipe network, the pressure of the tap water pipe network can be fully utilized. Only the difference between the tap water inlet pressure and the required pressure can be compensated. Direct supply. Compared with other water supply equipment, the power saving can reach more than 40% -80%.

4、Savings: The box-type integrated pipe network's surplus pressure (no negative pressure) water supply equipment can be directly connected to any pipe network with insufficient tap water pressure for pressurized water supply. At the same time, because there is no secondary pollution, the water treatment equipment can be omitted, Further saving investment.

5、Full equipment function: box-type integrated pipe network full pressure (no negative pressure! Water supply equipment has no water shutdown, automatic start when there is water; when water is used and> water is entered, the water supply volume and pressure are automatically reduced. It can automatically restore the constant pressure water supply function. The protection function is complete. It has automatic protection functions for overcurrent, overpressure and overload.

6、Remaining energy level: using high-performance frequency converter, equipped with advanced programmable controller, without personnel duty.

7、Eliminate secondary pollution: According to the research of relevant experts, the main link of secondary pollution in domestic drinking water is the secondary pressurized system, in which the pollution of pools and water tanks is more prominent. And it is a completely closed system. The main link of secondary pollution is eliminated. The water quality is guaranteed. The traditional water supply method is to put pure tap water into the pool (water tank), and all kinds of debris are easy to enter.

8、Easy to install: saves floor space and equipment is small. It saves floor space. There are no special requirements for the foundation of the pump room. It can be directly connected to the water pipe network on site, which is quick and convenient to install and has a short construction period.

9、The product is advanced, qualitative and available: the equipment is equipped with many manufacturers' selection. It has a reliable quality guarantee. The key components of the product, such as: motor, water pump, frequency converter, circuit breaker, contactor, relay, etc., use international and domestic famous brand products.


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